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For smart Inbound-Ready Websites.

Cool web design, surprising features, fully responsive and inbound ready: web design is not only something to look at, it has to work! A smart inbound ready website delivers more traffic, more leads and more applicants.

Who BEE.Web Design suitable for?

These are the problems we solve for our customers every day. If you can identify with one of the following situations, you definitely fit with BEE and our web design fits well with you.

Outdated Website

Your website is not user-friendly and your web design is not modern or professional enough to represent your brand. Your website is not optimised for smartphones and other mobile devices, reacts slowly and offers a very poor user experience. We help you to present yourself in a modern, unique and differentiated way.

Not Search Engine Optimised

Your website does not, or cannot be easily found in the organic search on Google, and you will appear very low on the result pages. You are experiencing far too little (qualified) traffic to your website. Your skills and topics are not digitally visible. We help you to design and implement an effective holistic SEO strategy.

Website Autonomy

You need to redesign your website. However, you want to make simple updates or edit internally at any time without having to rely on a developer or agency. We'll help you choose the right technology and tools to keep your independence.

Low Lead & Conversion Rate

Your website is more like a business card, it generates little or no leads and conversions. You want to win new customers and employees through your website in the future. We build your website in such a way that you reach your target persons on the entire Buyer’s Journey and thereby achieve more traffic, leads and conversions.

See How We Work

Your website is a window to the soul of your business. With your web design you create impact - or scare off your visitors. We have redesigned more than 50 websites, and our priority is innovation combined with inbound best practices for top results. Here are a few impressions of what we've done for our customers:

Go for it! How your Inbound-Ready Website is created

We get a clear picture of your goals based on your input and define the scope of your website project together. You receive your individual Inbound-Ready Website designed and developed within 4 to 8 weeks.

Step 1: Website Design and CMS

In the first step we create your website concept for your Inbound-Ready Website. We determine the entry points, conversions, blog structure and pillar pages for your topics - based on a detailed SEO analysis, to achieve optimal digital visibility. After that we create the detailed concept by guiding your website visitors through all Buyers Stages and define conversions for all stages.


Step 2: Moodboards

First of all we create a prototype moodboard with modern websites and new web design in your, and other, industries. We also orient ourselves internationally. Then another moodboard is designed for a differentiating image concept. You can share and evaluate the moodboards with your team.


Step 3: Website Frame

With your feedback on the moodboard we create various layout and design drafts for the website frame based on the homepage entry page. Various navigation headers, footers, fonts and colors can be tested. You also evaluate these drafts within your team. At the end of the review process you decide on a final version.


Step 4: Wireframes

Based on the final frame version defined in Step 3, we create all overview pages and subpages, with either text drafts or dummy text, depending on the size of your website project. Here we already suggest suitable images. You receive an online version of each page for review - you can add your corrections and comments interactively and we will implement them immediately.


Step 5: Implementation & Go-Live

An Inbound-Ready Website is an ongoing project. Our goal is to go online as quickly as possible with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to achieve initial success. For this purpose, we implement the pages released in Step 3 into your CMS. Further adjustments can now be made directly in your CMS.


Step 6: Go-Live & Kick-off Campaign

Once all pages are finished and approved by you, your website goes through a quality assurance process. This is where all links, browser versions and responsiveness are put through their paces and any defects are eliminated.

Of course, all pages are search engine optimised, responsive and registered with Google Webmaster. To be on the safe side, we still perform an index check after 30 days.

With the Go-Live we also start with a kick-off campaign to promote your website and generate leads.


Step 7: Further Campaigns & Website Expansion

After the Go-Live, further campaigns for the areas of Lead, Attract, Image, Recruiting, Content & SEO will be designed and implemented. As part of this, the website will be expanded to include the missing subpages. For each campaign we define KPIs, goals and dashboards in order to draw lessons based on the metrics and to define decision bases for further campaign planning.

What does a new Inbound-Ready Website cost?

That depends on several factors: Number of languages, number of pages, if it is based on templates or a completely independent layout and web design, number of entry points and conversions - and above all on your cooperation and existing internal resources. We will give you an indication here.


Suitable for:
Small SMEs or start-ups who want to achieve good organic visibility in a niche market or in a new market. A detailed SEO-Analyse and the Buyer Persona Profile are available.

Monolingual German or English, content is mostly delivered based on a template, intensive cooperation from you, 3 to 4 entry points, 2 to 4 landing pages. A detailed SEO analysis and Buyer Personas have to be prepared. Image concept based on stock images.

From 15.000 CHF/EUR



Suitable for:
Medium-sized SMEs or start-ups who want to achieve optimal organic visibility in a new or existing market.

Bilingual, content is mostly delivered based on a template, average effort on your site, 3 to 4 entry points, 4 to 6 landing pages. A detailed SEO analysis and Buyer Personas have to be prepared in advance. Image concept based on stock images.

From 20.000 CHF/EUR



Suitable for:
Medium to large SMEs or start-ups who want to achieve the best organic visibility against their competitors in a new market or a highly competitive digital market.

Multilingual, content is created completely by us, completely new layout & web design, little effort on your side, more than 6 entry points, integration eCommerce, API connections after lead generation in your existing systems. A detailed SEO analysis and Buyer Personas must be prepared. Image concept based on stock images and/or new independent image world.

On request


Top Rankings with State-of-the-Art SEO

Achieve more growth through higher ranking and better qualified traffic. Do you want to redesign your website or optimise your existing site for search engines? If so, we can help you design and implement a holistic SEO strategy.


What is a smart Inbound-Ready website?

It supports your business goals and contributes significantly to growth. Content, layout and CTAs are precisely tailored to the needs of your prospects.


Target and demand-oriented content, interactive design, videos, infographics as well as intelligent structure and user guidance are the most important foundations that make websites smart and inbound-ready.


A smart Inbound-Ready Website is search engine optimised through and through. This way, all your content will be indexed correctly and your website will be at the top of the organic ranking.

High Session Duration

Smart Inbound-Ready Websites provide a very high feel-good factor that encourages visitors to stay and come back for much longer. In addition, these satisfied visitors become multipliers.


The future of the internet is mobile. Mobile internet requires flexible layouts and a modern web design that is able to adapt to any device. Smart Inbound-Ready Websites are fully optimised for mobile.


As an Inbound Marketing and Web Design Agency we know: Visitors only feel comfortable when smart Inbound-Ready Websites offer exactly what potential customers are looking for - more answers to their challenges and less listing your portfolio.


A smart Inbound-Ready Website is search engine optimised through and through. This way, all your content will be indexed correctly and your website will be at the top of the organic ranking.

Every BEE.Website project has your goal in mind

We accomplish an incredible amount, but we do not promise the impossible. Because we want to keep our promise, even in hectic times.

More Visitors

Attractive, sporty, sexy: Who wouldn’t like to look?


A smart Inbound-Ready Web Design meets the needs and expectations of the users. It creates cool, exciting, interactive Inbound-Ready Websites with perfect content, excitement and appeal.

More Downloads

"That's what I want!" - That's how your reader should think.


You attract visitors, so reward them with valuable information they can download. Because giving and taking is an important principle of a smart Inbound-Ready Website.

More Registrations

Work on your relationships! Make sure you communicate.

Only when you know a lot about your counterpart can you build a solid partnership. A smart Inbound-Ready Website offers many ways to do this - through registrations, subscriptions, chats, etc.

More Leads

Nothing is free - and being smart gets you ahead.


For helpful downloads and information, your prospective customers will be happy to provide you with their valuable data - so you will quickly get many qualified leads for your company.

More Sales

All around convincing. Selling will be more successful.


Your web presence reflects the quality of your offer. A smart website with a modern web design shows that you understand your business and your customers - and you provide your customers with only the best.

More Followers

Going off the beaten path, or an established hiking route: Whom do you prefer to follow?


A smart Inbound-Ready Website makes you want more! Stay up-to-date and secure many loyal followers with smart web design. Because then, they become more likely to recommend you to others.

Start now: Inbound Ready Website for More Growth

With our worksheet you can easily develop the basic parameters for the relaunch of your website. Your input helps us to assess the scope of your website project more accurately. Only available in German.

The latest web design trends
Discover now

Do you need a personal consultation?

Are you a managing director or marketer and want to optimise your website? Or would you like to actively use the opportunities of digitalisation with your website? Then take 30 minutes to talk to us: I'll show you how you can win customers and employees with an Inbound-Ready Website, achieve top Google positioning and increase leads and sales.




If all your actions correspond to your inner positioning, you will personally grow substantially. The same applies to brands and companies.

Website Design FAQs

How long does it take to redesign a website?

Our standard custom redesign project takes 4 to 8 weeks, depending on: Number of subpages, languages, resources, and production of new content. We can meet critical or short-term deadlines by adding more team resources.

Do you outsource development or design work?

Yes and no. Depending on the complexity, we outsource some simple tasks in order to save your budget.

Is SEO included in the redesign of a website?

With a new website we take all SEO-relevant factors into account. We offer the SEO analysis and the continuous implementation of all SEO activities as part of our BEE.SEO service, tailored exactly to your needs.

How much time do we have to allocate?

As a rule, we estimate a time expenditure of 16 to 24 hours. This time includes: Work reviews, approvals, decisions, meetings, etc. If you also deliver content, these efforts will be added to your side.

What are the benefits of running our website with HubSpot?

HubSpot offers an All-in-one Marketing and Sales Package with a superior user experience. After setting up the templates, you can perform almost all tasks yourself. User flows, sales funnel, and conversion paths can be analysed to learn quickly and easily.

How will our target market be considered?

This is part of our Persona approach where we consider all your brands and target groups. We analyse the brand appearance of your competitors in advance. Our aim is to work with you to create the best website with the best web design in your market.

Can you migrate our website?

YES. We can migrate your website from your existing platform so that it looks exactly the same on the new platform as the previous website.

Can we provide you with designs?

Yes, we have a team of in-house developers who can design on multiple platforms.

Do I have to have my new website on HubSpot?

No. Although we recommend HubSpot, we can also create your website on other platforms.

Are new website contents included in the redesign?

This depends on the scope of your project. We migrate your current content as it is. However, we can assist you in creating content for your new website or, if we know your industry, we can do the job for you.

Will our current website be affected by the redesign?

No. All new websites will be processed in a staging area that is not live and has no impact on your current website. During the migration we will prepare all re-directs and indexings as far as possible in order not to lose your existing search engine rankings.

Can you work with other vendors on a project?

Yes, our team is very open to working with existing vendors that you may currently have. Our only focus is to create something that you will love.

BEE makes you happy

BEE INBOUND clears the way: more visibility, more success, more growth. Often we start by clearly identifying the potential and positioning of our customers by identifying where they stand - and where they want to go. In this way, we can more actively support them.


As a young startup it was important for us to work with a partner that understood our needs, was able to provide guidance and develop a sustainable marketing strategy with us. Their experience and detailed analysis of our needs are what enabled us to set up a growth framework which can support our KPIs over the coming years.

testimonial_APARI Digital

Diana Klein

Head of Strategy & Markets bei APARI Digital

After scaling up our acquisition efforts our sales teams were faced with a lot of inbound leads but were missing a focus and clear prioritisation to work efficiently. With the help and direction from BEE we successfully implemented a data driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.


Joël L. Capt

Head of Growth bei Beekeeper.io

I work a lot with innovative startups and unfortunately, the European state of marketing & sales is often behind the most innovative players in the market. With BEE Inbound it's different in many ways. These guys know the newest possibilities to generate more qualified leads and increase the efficiency of the marketing funnel. They do that not only by leveraging their vast knowledge and the newest tools but also by aligning marketing and sales together and drive decision making based on data in an agile fashion. For scale-ups but also for enterprise level companies, BEE Inbound is my digital marketing partner of choice if it comes to Hubspot automation and innovative marketing tactics.


Manuel Hartmann

Founder & CEO bei SalesPlaybook

We wanted to set up our HubSpot application professionally in order to make maximize the utility of our CRM. BEE offered us exactly the services necessary to achieve this goal quickly and effectively in a lean fashion. BEE is a sympathetic sparring partner at eye level, who focuses on the essentials from conception to implementation. If you are really determined to scale your Marketing & Sales with HubSpot, BEE is the right partner for you.

testimonial_GETKICKBOX powered by Swisscom

Ralph Hartmeier

Co-Founder & Growth bei GETKICKBOX powered by Swisscom

Do you want a fast, efficient and winning digital partner? Go to Bee and enable your Brand to stand-up in the cluttered social media environment


Andrea Pigatti

Brand Manager bei Häagen-Dazs

BEE Inbound not only helped us to strengthen our online presence exceptionally and consequently drive sales but also supported us in many marketing related questions as a very reliable and innovative sparring partner. I can highly recommend Ben Klein and his team!

testimonial_Ortho-Walker AG

Michael Eggimann

CEO bei Ortho-Walker AG

We were looking for a hubspot agency with a hands-on mentality and definetly found it with BEE. Martin is very experienced and helped us set up everything in a record-time. Will will continue to work with them for the future development and are looking forward to!


Giles Magnin

bei esurance.ch

The experience with BEE-Inbound over the last two years has been very inspiring. The team is not only providing great support and consultancy, it also further develops their services constantly to be up to date with latest trends.

testimonial_Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG

Patrick Widler

bei Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG

Ben Klein and his team were well prepared, very structured and had a detailed look at our market and our company. In the workshops we used modern tools, picked up the individual participants and clearly presented our own points of view. The cooperation was extremely collegial, open and efficient. My workload was essentially limited to the workshops and a few meetings between the workshops. Ben Klein knows what he is talking about, he is not a PowerPoint consultant. The developed gameplan became a central instrument of our marketing, thank you Ben!

testimonial_FROX communication

Jürg Achermann

CEO bei FROX communication

BEE INBOUND's approach was very structured and well organised. We received very good templates and therefore had an excellent basis for the text. We were supported by the employees who had a lot of professional competence and creativity. We experienced the cooperation as professional, transparent and constructive. The final result exceeded our expectations, especially with regard to the modernity of the design and the dynamics incorporated by the team.

testimonial_PWZ AG

Roberto Pertoldi


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The BEE.Services

Here’s a cool thing: For your digital marketing and digital sales success we have efficient, attractive services to offer, which we plan and set up according to your needs - as an individual service or as a package. Once your activities have been set up, we ensure that your digital marketing and digital sales machine remains in motion.


You provide us with the most important information - we analyse where you and your competitors currently stand and what potential lies dormant in the right strategy for you. Then we shake it up step by step.


Based on our structured digital strategy we develop your BEE.GAMEPLAN which pushes your positioning, visibility and attention online and offline, and opens up new potential.


Absolutely crucial for success: A clear brand positioning is the basis for effective and efficient inbound marketing. We work with you to develop all the necessary parameters for your positioning or repositioning - strategically, quickly and cost-effectively!


Design, function, dynamics, inbound readiness: we develop your website into a world of experience that fascinates, inspires and activates your prospective customers to act. Your online presence is not a business card, but a living space in which you interact with customers and increase your sales.


In a multi-stage process, we make your website SEO-fit. First, we examine your organic visibility in an SEO audit. This is followed by a potential analysis that shows how better visibility can be achieved. Finally, the measures to exploit your SEO potential are defined and implemented. Here, too, we define KPIs and measure SEO success.


We design cross-media campaigns for marketing, sales and recruiting - tailored to your objectives, which we define beforehand. KPIs, goals and dashboards are an integral part of this process in order to make the success of the campaign measurable. We use the insights of each campaign on the market and the behavior of the target persons for ongoing optimisation.


AdWords & Co. can bring a lot and cost a lot. For your ads to be efficient, they must be carefully designed and continuously monitored. To achieve this, we offer a complete set of services and take on all the tasks associated with the conception, implementation, success control, and ongoing support and optimisation of your ad campaigns.


We support companies that are already using HubSpot and want to use our HubSpot experience to harness the full potential of the all-in-one software solution. We rely on the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge, and train real inbound scenarios and activities with your team - so that you can implement the knowledge immediately.


For the services described above, we also offer classroom training. BEE acts as a coach while the participants develop their brand positioning and digital strategy. You will learn how to analyse digital potential, build your website, and conduct campaigns. The BEE.Academy is the alternative to the BEE.Services directly used. You will become your own marketing agency. Inspired to Grow Together.