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Avoid simply talking about digitalisation, achieve it. Generate real added value in sales and marketing right now. That is the promise behind the Time4Value initiative. Ready to get started?

Provide added value. Become a value partner.

Have you developed a solution, a method or a product that complements the Time4Value initiative in a meaningful way? Then send us your ideas for a cooperative partnership in the spirit of helping customers achieve a value-based mindset.


Living partnership. Show of colors.

As a Time4Value partner, you will receive the logo of our initiative in the desired form. Use it for further distribution in your communication and integration into your online presence, such as email signature, display banner, LinkedIn profile banner, homepage and much more.

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BEE Inbound

BEE Inbound

We bring structure, performance and scalability to your marketing and sales

We bring INBOUND MARKETING and INBOUND SALES into your company and anchor a completely new mindset in your thoughts and actions. This makes you a trustworthy partner in your industry and enables you to grow faster - measurably and sustainably.

Digital BrandingDigitale Strategy | Webdesign & SEOMarketing & Sales Campaigns | Paid Media Campaigns | HubSpot Business Solutions |  HubSpot Growth Services

Leonhardt & Kern

We love ideas and do not like annoying advertising.

We love the fight for the core of things. The search for real content. Clear thoughts. Straightforward truths. And creative packaging. From corporate design of entire brand worlds to product launches and integrated campaigns.

Agency | References

Netpress Business Solutions

We solve your digital marketing, sales and service problems

As a business solution provider, we are specialised in the implementation of solutions for Inbound & Content Marketing, Marketing & Sales Automation, Customer Service and Lead Generation. We support our customers wherever they need our expert knowledge and many years of experience.

Inbound Marketing | Content Marketing | Lead Generation | Marketing Automation | Digitalisation | CRM Solution

Schmittgall Health

The agency for healthcare marketing

If healthcare would look for an advertising agency, it could decide for us with a clear conscience. Why? Because it will find decades of healthcare experience and dynamic creative teams with highly qualified staff, including doctors. Our campaigns are not doctoral theses, however, but create attention, sympathy and trust on all channels. And they generate the most beautiful thing: revenue.


Healthcare Inbound Marketing | Healthcare Influencer Marketing 



Facing the challenges of marketing across borders

We are a digital sales and marketing agency dedicated to helping our customers bring in high-quality leads and provide outstanding buying experiences and customer service. 

Inbound Services | Marketing Services



Systematic growth

Software for marketing, sales and customer service that helps your business grow without compromising on quality. Because what's good for your business should also be good for your customers.

HubSpot CRM | Marketing Hub | Sales Hub | Service Hub | CMS Hub


Remote, secure and cost effective

SCALEWORK helps you to quickly apply data science in your operational processes and achieve measurable results.

Services | Solutions


Behind Time4Value there are professionals who bundle their competencies to create hollistic solutions for you. Together we promise to create a quickly measurable added value for your company. At the same time, we make sure that you are guided through any crisis unscathed on the basis of your established corporate values - and secure success far beyond any temporary uncertainty.