Avoid simply talking about digitalisation, achieve it. Generate real added value in sales and marketing right now. That is the promise behind the Time4Value initiative. Ready to get started? 

Use the 4 value boosters for your success.

The Time4Value concept draws its strength from four practice-proven, successful packages of activities for sales and marketing. Each one of them provides a significant contribution to increase your added value noticeably and sustainably. In combination, they form a powerful tool that enables you to secure and increase values for the long term.

1. New customers won and more deals closed

Digital sales funnel set up and sales team trained

Your digital sales funnel is designed, built and set up within 14 days. The onboarding of your sales team is completed and it starts with the first LinkedIn/Xing Outreach campaign. See BEE.Sales Services

Sales team readied for social selling

Your presales & sales teams are fit for social selling and fill the deal pipeline within 4 weeks. They use intelligent tools like sequences, videos, tracking tools and automation for lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Success control introduced

You know what your marketing, presales and sales teams do every day, learn from it and make the right decisions faster based on data in order to focus on the right potential targets and activities.

Digital business model and Modern Workplace implemented

Your consulting services are digitalised. You have a clear vision, a roadmap for the digital transformation of your business model and achieve first quick wins with an MVP.

The technological implementation of the Modern Workplace is designed and controlled. Your awareness of new working models and their advantages will be sharpened.

2. Efficiency of marketing & sales increased

Marketing & Sales Alignment initiated

Within 2 weeks marketing & sales work on common goals. These goals are clearly defined and communicated. 

Performance increased

You can precisely measure the performance of your marketing & sales campaigns and make further decisions based on insights.

HubSpot usage optimised

You already have HubSpot in use? Then you will learn how to get the most out of this investment.

HubSpot Onboarding

Within 14 days we introduced HubSpot in your company and carried out the onboarding of your marketing & sales teams.

3. Strong brand positioned & digital presence established

Positioning clearly and distinctly set up

Within 2 weeks you have a sharper positioning that differentiates you in your market, supported by a visual and verbal identity that is unique in your market.

Buyers Journey implemented

You clearly communicate the crucial added value of your solutions and pick up your customers very early in the decision phase.

Website as a lead engine optimised

In 1-2 weeks your website is "Inbound-ready". The SEO is implemented and your website generates leads along the entire Buyers Journey: Awareness, Consideration, Decision. More about this under BEE.Webdesign

Digitalisation potentials used

Within 14 days, we bring the product online as part of an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) service and achieve the first quick wins.

4. Visibility and a continuously full leadpipline ensured

Surprising communication ensured

Within 3-5 days you have established a transparent and clear communication with your customers, prospects and employees.

Virtual workshops, events & fairs held

Your previously attended events, such as workshops, events & trade fairs, now take place online. For this purpose, you set up various campaign formats within 14 days. This includes the technical setup and communication before, during and after the online events.

Lead and application pipeline continuously filled

New leads: Within 5 days you have a clear plan of how new leads are generated and where they come from. From this, campaigns are set up within 5 days with a focus on: ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE, DELIGHT. See BEE.Campaigns

New employees: Within 10 days you have a clear plan how to recruit new employees according to your mindset, have set up the process and start with the first recruiting campaign.

Digital market potential known

Within 3 days you know your digital potential. You create a basis for decisions on how to proceed. You know more about your own digital visibility and that of your competitors.  See BEE.Analysis

Fully tailored to your industry.

We know about the special challenges of your industryand have suitable solutions at hand. Profit from theexperiences and best practices of many successful projects.

B2B SaaS

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Values say more than words.

Success means measurable performance. Through the efficient dovetailing of all activities, the Time4Value concept enables you to achieve demonstrable added value in the shortest possible time. Ask us for concrete cases. On request, we will also be happy to establish contact with our successful customers.

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Time4Value concept: The principle behind it

The Time4Value concept adapts flexibly to your respective status quo,and leads you in clearly defined and calculable steps directly to a new level of added value in marketing and sales. Because the Time4Value initiative is not about change per se; It is about measurable progress towards sustainable improvements. Enabled by the systematic combination of proven best practices and state-of-the-art technology into a unique concept. Reenforced by the partners behind the initiative.

Every successful path begins with a first step. 
We are ready when you are.


1. Connect Call - 15 Minutes

We get to know each other and gain a first insight into your company. Does the Time4Value concept fit well to your challenges? Then we quickly move on to the second step.


2. Defining the goals / Case & Value Calculation

Together we define the KPIs and the values that are to be achieved through the cooperation in a certain period of time and forecast possible result. In doing so, we go into advance with a performance-based component.


3. Concept, setup and coordinated use of the Time4Value concept

We define the goal-oriented activities and bundle them into campaigns, for which we set a precise roadmap, KPIs and goals. In weekly sprints, we implement the individual Time4Value activities with your team. 


4. Performance and success control

More performance through the Time4Value concept: Start the campaign small, measure and optimise it, then expand it. We work in sprints and support you with process know-how. If desired, we can take the lead and implement what you have learned with your team. 

Joining forces for more value.

Hinter Time 4 Value stehen Profis, die ihre Kompetenzen bündeln, um Synergieeffekte für Sie freizusetzen. Gemeinsam geben wir Ihnen das Versprechen, einen schnell messbaren Mehrwert für Ihr Unternehmen zu schaffen. Zugleich achten wir darauf, Sie auf Basis Ihrer etablierten Unternehmenswerte unbeschadet durch die Krise zu führen – und weit darüber hinaus.


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Everything you always wanted to know about KPIs.

The performance of marketing & sales activities must be measurable. To do this, your Key Performance Indicators must be defined before the campaigns are implemented. What is important and what should be taken into account? Get this knowledge in our compact guides: