Become a Top Sales Performer

In the Inbound Sales Bootcamp we do not simply make you fit. In 10 weeks you unleash your full sales potential and perform in the top league.


For this reason we have developed the Inbound Sales Bootcamp. But what results are possible with it?

2,15 x

more sales within 7 months


more contacts: over 1700 qualified contacts in 9 weeks


more deals with 15% higher margin per deal


shorter sales cycles: from 171 days to only 18 in 5 months

See how the Inbound Sales Bootcamp is structured

Split up into the 5 steps of the digital sales process - from prospecting to closing - we go through the decisive contents in each module and implement them immediately. The bootcamp is not a theory seminar. It is about hands-on knowledge and implementation. This is the only way to consolidate what has been learned in a way that leads to long-term success. So what does the path to the honeypot look like?

Step 1: Vorbereitung

Step 1: Free strategy meeting

After receiving your application we will conduct a free strategy meeting. During this meeting we will determine the challenges you are facing and how we will master them together through the bootcamp. If you are accepted into the program, we will continue with the kick-off.


Step 2: Work sessions

Most trainings fail mainly for one reason: The goals are not clearly and measurably defined. Only those who know where they want to go can check whether they are on the right track. 

The Kick-off calculates your specific case and sets the bar. In the bootcamp we measure ourselves precisely against this. We also uncover gaps in the sales process and answer the questions: How do your customers want to buy? Do you offer the right process? The roadmap for the bootcamp is derived from the answers. 


Step 3: Homework & Coaching

The second reason why trainings fail is that the learned material is not repeated and, above all, not applied. 

That's why the boot camp is not a seminar. In bi-weekly sprints we cover every step of the sales process and apply the knowledge immediately. With the help of numerous templates you can draw on our years of sales experience and with the right tools you can achieve more results in less time.  

In the online coaching sessions we discuss the experiences and what needs to be optimised. Afterwards we move on to the next step.


Step 4: Digital Sales Certification and Performance

After 10 weeks we have completed all phases of the digital sales. You are now officially a certified Inbound Sales Bootcamp Alumni.

But much more importantly: Now you know the factors that determine sales success. Prospecting the right approach via email, LinkedIn or on the phone? You are in top shape. Discovery calls and meetings are now routine. With value-based sales you shorten sales cycles and increase your sales quota. Today and tomorrow!

Are you suited for the boot camp?

The Sales Bootcamp is not a theoretical seminar. Instead of presentations we offer you a live platform for dynamic learning.

We actively involve all participants and work in a hands-on style to impart knowledge quickly and sustainably. Doing instead of talking!

We always have the individual challenge in mind and overcome it together.

If you share these 5 basic attitudes with us, the Sales Bootcamp will bring real added value to your company - and to you personally:

  • The will to make a difference
  • The ambition to be a leader
  • The willingness to invest time
  • The mindset that focuses on practice
  • The openness to break new ground

Who is the bootcamp right for, and who is not the right fit?

The boot camp is perfect for:

  • CEOs who want to increase sales and KPI based sales management.
  • Head of Sales & Business Development who want to find a scalable sales strategy to make sales predictable. 
  • Sales Managers who want to use the latest tools & strategies to not only reach but exceed their quota.
  • Junior Sales Managers who want to take their sales skills to the next level.
  • Anyone who is willing to learn from others and share their knowledge and experience.

It is not suitable for you if:

  • You have no sales experience. We are not starting with the very basics.
  • You do not have a product already marketed or the product market fit is not yet established.
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself, your success and the company.
  • You are not willing to share your knowledge and experience with other people who are eager to learn. 
  • You are completely and 100% satisfied with your sales figures.

Does that sound good to for you?

Perfect. Then apply now. Apply? What for? Well, the aim of the bootcamp is clear: to train each participant to become a top-selling sales person. This also means that not everyone is suitable. Only those who are willing to learn new things, to share them with others and, in particular, who show the willingness to give their full commitment, will be able to achieve this goal. To ensure this, we carry out the application process in advance.

Your Coaches: Concentrated Inbound Competence

The topics, best practices mediated by our best inbound growth experts from many inbound projects. This is first-hand practical knowledge.


Consultant | Head of Sales


Teamlead Customer Success



BEE makes you happy

BEE INBOUND clears the way: more visibility, more success, more growth. Often we start by clearly identifying the potential and positioning of our customers by identifying where they stand - and where they want to go. In this way, we can more actively support them.

Den Weg vom Groben ins Detail haben wir zusammen mit BEE INBOUND in mehreren Workshops beschritten. Die Vorgehensweise enthielt einen Blick auf das Big Picture, eine klare Struktur und konkrete Aufgaben, um die Ziele effizient und termingerecht zu erreichen. Dank des grossen Verständnisses von BEE INBOUND für unseren Markt und unsere Dienstleistungen erübrigten sich lange Diskussionen und Erklärungen dazu. Der BEE.Gameplan ist die Essenz des Weges wie die von uns gesetzten Ziele in Zukunft erreicht werden sollen.

testimonial_Pascal Schmid

Pascal Schmid

CEO bei netrics AG

Ben Klein und sein Team haben mit dem BEE.Gameplan eine Methodik entwickelt, die uns half ein ganzes Bündel an unterschiedlichen Herausforderungen anzugehen und zu lösen. So resultierte aus den Workshops mehr als eine digitale Marketingstrategie. In weniger als 3 Monaten haben wir dank BEE Inbound Antworten für unseren neuen Unternehmensbereich gefunden, die Positionierung ausgearbeitet, konkrete Leitplanken für die digitale Vermarktung gelegt und ein Konzept für eine Inbound Ready Webseite erhalten!

testimonial_Alejandro Schmid

Alejandro Schmid

Head of Marketing bei FROX communication

In den intensiven Workshops, in denen die Grundlagen und die ersten Details für den BEE.Gameplan erarbeitet wurden, haben uns sowohl die guten Ideen von BEE Inbound, als auch deren kritische Betrachtungsweise und Inputs wirklich geholfen. Was mir besonders gut gefiel: BEE hat sich mit unseren Vorstellungen ernsthaft auseinandergesetzt, aber auch konstruktive Gegenvorschläge und Optimierungen aufgezeigt, mit denen sich das beste Ergebnis erreichen lässt.

testimonial_Ferdinand Peter

Ferdinand Peter

Geschäftsleitung bei Autowelt Schweiz AG

Ziel erreicht! Durch professionelle Beratung und Führung in den Workshops sind wir mit unserem Gameplan nicht nur auf den Punkt gekommen, sondern haben auch strategisch den Kick-Start erhalten, welchen wir uns erhofft haben.
BEE INBOUND hat uns ein Setup beschert, welches wir durch kontinuierliche Marketing Arbeit fortsetzen werden. Unser Potenzial mit Inbound Marketing hat einen Fahrplan erhalten und ein Gesicht! Danke für die vielen Anregungen und Tipps.

testimonial_Norbert Kopp

Norbert Kopp

CEO bei ABO-Storage Distribution AG

How to become an inbound sales expert

So the bootcamp is perfect for you and you for the bootcamp? Great, then apply now and I will contact you within 24 hours. Together we will talk about your expectations and challenges. You will learn more about the content and costs of the Inbound Sales Bootcamp - while you tell me more about your priorities. We will only start the further process if you believe that we are a good fit for you - it is your decision.



Inbound Specialist | Head of Learning

Everything in with him! Because Lanny is extremely enthusiastic and the lived contrast: He likes reading and gym. Techno and classical music. The psychology of oneself and social dynamics. Seemingly separate worlds merge into a single cosmos of being. Good way!

You ask - We answer

Do I really need the Sales Bootcamp?

If you don't want to adapt your sales skills to the new reality of digital sales, you don't. Otherwise, you probably do.

How do I convince my boss?

Very simple, you involve him at an early stage. In our first meeting we will look together at the added value that the Sales Bootcamp will bring to you and the company.

How much time do I have to invest?

The day has 24 hours. Time is there. The question is: What priority do you give to the goal of increasing your turnover?

Will the boot camp get me anywhere?

Our participants agree. We'll find out if that applies to you in our initial interview. If we are both convinced, we will take the next step - only then.

What do I have to bring in?

As so often in life, the more you give, the more you get back. But we show you how to get not only more, but the maximum out of your sales.

Is the boot camp expensive?

It is most likely more expensive not to invest and lose customers to competitors.