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Inspired to Grow Together

BEE Inbound maximises the growth of medium-sized companies. As a performance-oriented full-service inbound agency, we offer a unique and complete range of services.

About us

What is really important to us at BEE?

Performance focused

We always make decisions on the basis of KPIs, and in such a way that the defined corporate goals can also be achieved. Every single action must be measurable, every result must be analyzed. This premise enables us to continuously draw profitable learning results.

Full service

Maximizing growth requires a deep understanding of all channels, measures and their interactions. As an independent agency, we focus on your strategy and determine all the steps necessary to achieve your goals freely and flexibly. You only need to coordinate with a single marketing agency - we manage all the partners involved.

Delight & Inspire

We do everything we can to inspire and surprise you with outstanding results - and we see ourselves not only as a marketing agency, but also as a source of inspiration for personal and entrepreneurial growth. Whether BEE.Academy, Inbound-Breakfast or HUG (HubSpot User Group) – we share our knowledge so that you can create your powerful inbound world.

BEE.Core Values

Our Core Values form the spirit of BEE Inbound through the people who live them every day. This is how we measure our actions and thinking - consistently and continuously. And this is how we want to be measured by you.

  • Practice what you preach

    Authenticity? For us, it’s more than just a fancy word. We are go-getters - and we do what we say! The promises we make to our customers are based on a realistic assessment formulated from rich experiences. Whether it concerns costs and time frames, forecasts and results or unpleasant surprises - we always stick to the truth! That pays off, for you and for us.

  • Challenge the status quo

    Static persistence? Horrible! We are constantly on the hunt for even better, more effective solutions - and if we don't find them, we create them ourselves. Because we want to achieve the optimum results and utilise all potential opportunities for our customers. Mental flexibility, insatiable curiosity and the hunger for further development help us to do this.

  • Just do it!

    We set the right focus for you to bring your project quickly into implementation. As soon as the concept is ready, we work with milestones, binding schedules and realistic sprints. This is how we consciously counteract the obstacles that often slow down new projects. Because we all want it: just start!

  • Own your shit!

    As a marketing agency, we are not only responsible for our tasks and the results of our teamwork - we also identify ourselves with your overriding corporate goals. We do everything we can to ensure that things go ahead. And if things don't run smoothly, we find the reason, improve ourselves and optimise our processes. This is also what we mean by growth.

  • Sharing is caring

    Pay attention to each other effortlessly and naturally, help each other and complement each other perfectly. That's how it works in the beehive - and that's how the BEE.Hive works. No matter how fundamentally different our characters are. We tirelessly share our knowledge and thereby increase it. Inspired to Grow Together!


We believe in the power of pure authenticity. Sustainable growth and positive changes can only be achieved if the unique personality and individual strengths can be lived in an open manner. This is just as true for people as it is for companies.


What makes us grow

Our love! For people, brands, for inbound.

We help others to achieve more growth by living an inbound culture ourselves. This is how we inspire people and organisations to differentiate themselves through a unique mission, to be attractive and enthusiastic - in order to be successful in the long term.

Unobtrusive, continuous, personal. Be Inbound!

BEE Inbound is not just a marketing agency - it is a microcosm in which people enjoy moving around, working together with commitment, developing themselves personally - and helping to shape forward-looking services. From this microcosm we want to inspire others to differentiate themselves through an authentic inbound culture. So that the whole world becomes more inbound!

Ben Klein, CEO & Founder BEE Inbound


Our central BEE.Hive is located in the middle of Zurich, the vibrant heart of Switzerland. The BEEs live and work in many different places, from Zurich to Bern and Munich. At the BEE.Hive, we all come together and buzz out for our customers.


Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zürich 

+41 43 336 90 00

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Spitalgasse 28
3011 Bern

+41 31 550 59 69

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c/o NetPress GmbH
Alte Landstrasse 21
85521 Ottobrunn

+49 89 700 740 460

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The BEEs in the BEE Inbound Team

Genuine professionals, passionate specialists, limitless all-rounders: the BEE team consists exclusively of people who love what they do - and do what they love. Perhaps this is what makes us strong. Many different characters - with one thing in common: the admiration, the fascination, the passion for the digital world with all its possibilities.

René Suter


Adrian Siuda

Inbound Specialist | SEO Expert

Martin Brückmann

Inbound Specialist | Head of HubSpot

Giuliano Campaniello

Webdeveloper | HubSpot Expert

Lanny Heiz

Inbound Specialist | Head of Sales

Romy Fuchs

HubSpot Trainer | Head of Marketing

Diana Klein

Head of Administration

Serge Tumelero

Digital Integration & Alliance Manager

Martin Dressler

Sales Process Advisor | Growth Manager

Sascha Geilenkirchen

Paid Ads & CRO Specialist

Come on, get carried away! Current vacancies at BEE

Life is full of possibilities and twists. Maybe the next one will lead you to us. Whether Digital Native, modern nomad or experienced dude - the main thing is that your driving force is enthusiasm and you want to continue to grow personally and professionally. See if one of our job profiles is tailor-made for you and if you can enrich the BEE.Hive:

Deep as honey: The BEEs about BEE

The desire for personal growth is one of the most important drives of all BEEs, and that permeates everything - to our customers and their development as well as to BEE Inbound. A few insides:

BEE Inbound is a microcosm in which people enjoy moving around, working together with commitment, developing themselves personally - and helping to shape forward-looking services. From this microcosm we want to inspire others to differentiate themselves through an authentic inbound culture. So that the whole world becomes more inbound!



For me, inbound means always finding new ways to attract people's attention and to inspire them. I love to explore these ways - in order to be able to use the best-runners for our customers. Especially since I can fully contribute with my great passion, social media. In a 1A team! Can't say otherwise.


Inbound Specialist | HubSpot Trainer

What I particularly like about BEE.Inbound is the honest team spirit, which shapes the entire environment and creates a lot of space for your own ideas to be implemented. And the innovative customers of BEE, who enthusiastically realize new approaches with us.


Inbound Marketing Specialist

At BEE Inbound people come together who are fundamentally different - and yet have one thing in common: They burn for what they do. This encourages initiative and always brings new ideas to light. Independent thinking and the development of one's own strengths - that is what is desired. And where better to do that than in this creative, flexible, free-spirited environment?


Head of Content & Concept

It's funny: I became aware of BEE Inbound by myself, so "Inbound" made my way here. A real confirmation for the inbound strategy. It's great that everyone can do what they're really good at here. My thing is to create exceptional results with a lot of bite and endurance. At BEE, this is supported by innovative working methods and constructive cooperation.



BEE Inbound gives me great creative freedom. The opportunities for development in the field of design promote my own continuous enhancement. New ideas are always welcome and in demand! In this open and flexible working environment, it is great fun to identify visual trends and implement them with the most innovative technologies - together with the BEE team, where new inspirations are constantly being exchanged.


Head of Visual Design

At BEE Inbound every BEE is part of a creative process - and you always feel like an important, valuable and valued component. This is also how my demands on interaction with each other come true at work: treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself. The great thing is that this relates not only to the BEE team, but also to the inbound strategy.


Inbound Specialist | HubSpot Consultant

Working at BEE Inbound is fun, because there are new and exciting tasks to master every day.


Visual Design Expert | Inbound Specialist

The basis for success? Set smart goals, derive KPIs from them, regularly measure key figures with a leverage effect on the KPIs, learn from the results - and thus become better and better.


Inbound Consultant

At BEE, work doesn't feel like work. Ever new challenges make everyday life exciting and turn the learning curve steeply upwards. Each individual in the team is held in high esteem - and here you can be as agile and flexible as the agency itself. It's a perfect fit for me and my life.


Inbound Specialist

In BEE Inbound I have found a company that supports me in my personality development and gives me a framework for individual achievement. Embedded in a great team in which I can make my contribution as part of the bigger picture. At BEE, personal freedom and teamwork form a unity. I think this is the ideal basis for best results in every respect.


Consultant | Head of Sales

By joining BEE, I was able to give my professional career a completely different direction. I was fully integrated from day one. My colleagues support me in every situation and promote my strengths. This allows me to develop incredibly quickly. And I have a lot of fun with the team.


Inbound Specialist

As part of a pilot project, I was able to get to know and appreciate BEE Inbound as a highly qualified Inbound Marketing company. Since I am convinced that digital marketing transformations cannot be accomplished without Inbound Marketing, Bee Inbound fascinated me from the very beginning.


Digital Integration & Alliance Manager

Why I work with BEE Inbound? Because our work is very result-oriented and we don't put much emphasis on "chatter".


Sales Process Advisor | Growth Manager

I use my knowledge and my commitment for the maximum business success of the customer. Helpfulness and high customer orientation are the focus of my work. This corresponds exactly to the mindset of BEE Inbound. As an expert in business development and new business, I complement BEE Inbound ideally when it comes to building strong customer relationships that benefit all parties involved. Because knowledge can make a big difference - if you share it!


New Business Experte | Growth Manager

BEE is forward-looking and lenient - in other words, with a constant eye on the future and extraordinary values in its backbone. Driven by this culture, challenges are fun. As someone who always tries to take a holistic view of marketing, I find that BEE offers me the opportunity to contribute my experience in a variety of ways.


Paid Ads & CRO Specialist

BEE INBOUND: Knowledge, Experience, Background - and Enthusiasm

At BEE you will find a refreshing mix of skills & abilities, dreams & visions, realism & acumen. All in all we offer you an all-around harmonious full service environment for your digital transformation.

Brand positioning & branding

Our goal is to give your brand a truly strategically and digitally inspiring appearance! With a smart marketing strategy that clearly and uniquely positions your brand on the market and structured digital marketing services, we push your visibility on the web to the top. The result: continuous new leads and business opportunities.

Digital concepts: Marketing, Sales, Recruiting

We think and work holistically. A complete digital strategy does not only include marketing aspects - the areas of sales and recruiting must also be integrated. This is the only way to conceive a digital strategy without gaps and pitfalls that really leads to the desired success.

Webdesign, Visual Branding & SEO

The identification and message that has become visible: your visual branding, tailor-made and well thought-out. We advise you with insight and foresight - and the enriching outside view. You will see: The look & feel can always be surprising, regardless of the industry. We design modern websites that give your branding a form, are search engine optimised and fun to use - cool design, helpful features, fully responsive and sales ready. This is consistently inbound.

Cross-media campaigns: Marketing, Sales, Recruiting

Our digital campaigns pursue clear, ambitious goals: More awareness, image building, generation of conversions, leads or new employees. We define your objectives and create KPIs, goals and dashboards to achieve and measure them. The secret of success is the mix: we think and act holistically - across all channels. Each campaign provides new insights into the market and the behavior of the target persons, with which we continually optimise the basis for decision-making: Furthering what works well, stopping what doesn't work well.

Content Marketing

Digital content is never an end in itself. With this in mind, we develop your content plan and create content that is valuable and helpful to your customers and prospects. With an inbound marketing oriented content strategy you will achieve more brand awareness, prove your competence, get more followers, leads and new customers! We know what we're talking - and writing - about.

Online Advertising

We see ads as part of a complete inbound marketing strategy. We design smart ad campaigns as a channel for even more conversion. From text to video: Our designers and copywriters love to be creative in the most limited space. Our ad campaigns are based on careful analysis, which shows where, when, and which ads are effective for you. The ad placement is well-dosed and strategically aligned!

Our strategic partners

bee_team_hubspot bee_team_hubspot

BEE makes you happy

BEE INBOUND clears the way: more visibility, more success, more growth. Often we start by clearly identifying the potential and positioning of our customers and by identifying where they stand - and where they want to go. In this way, we actively support them.

BEE INBOUND's approach was very structured and well organised. We received very good templates and therefore had an excellent basis for the text. We were supported by the employees who had a lot of professional competence and creativity. We experienced the cooperation as professional, transparent and constructive. The final result exceeded our expectations, especially with regard to the modernity of the design and the dynamics incorporated by the team.

Roberto Pertoldi

Roberto Pertoldi


Ben Klein and his team were well prepared, very structured and had a detailed look at our market and our company. In the workshops we used modern tools, picked up the individual participants and clearly presented our own points of view.The cooperation was extremely collegial, open and efficient. My workload was essentially limited to the workshops and a few meetings between the workshops. Ben Klein knows what he is talking about, he is not a PowerPoint consultant. The developed gameplan became a central instrument of our marketing, thank you Ben!

Jürg Achermann

Jürg Achermann

CEO bei FROX communication

The experience with BEE-Inbound over the last two years has been very inspiring. The team is not only providing great support and consultancy, it also further develops their services constantly to be up to date with latest trends.

Patrick Widler

Patrick Widler

bei Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG

We where looking for a hubspot agency with a hands-on mentality and definetly found it with bee. Martin is very experienced and helped us set up everything in a record-time. Will will continue to work with them for the future development and are looking forward to!

Giles Magnin

Giles Magnin

bei esurance.ch

BEE Inbound not only helped us to strengthen our online presence exceptionally and consequently drive sales but also supported us in many marketing related questions as a very reliable and innovative sparring partner. I can highly recommend Ben Klein and his team!

Michael Eggimann

Michael Eggimann

CEO bei Ortho-Walker AG

Do you want a fast, efficient and winning digital partner? Go to Bee and enable your Brand to stand-up in the cluttered social media environment

Andrea Pigatti

Andrea Pigatti

Brand Manager bei Häagen-Dazs

We wanted to set up our HubSpot application professionally in order to make maximize the utility of our CRM. BEE offered us exactly the services necessary to achieve this goal quickly and effectively in a lean fashion. BEE is a sympathetic sparring partner at eye level, who focuses on the essentials from conception to implementation. If you are really determined to scale your Marketing & Sales with HubSpot, BEE is the right partner for you.

Ralph Hartmeier

Ralph Hartmeier

Co-Founder & Growth bei GETKICKBOX powered by Swisscom

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The BEE.Services

Here’s a cool thing: For your digital marketing and digital sales success we have efficient, attractive services to offer, which we plan and set up according to your needs - as an individual service or as a package. Once your activities have been set up, we ensure that your digital marketing and digital sales machine remains in motion.


You provide us with the most important information - we analyse where you and your competitors currently stand and what potential lies dormant in the right strategy for you. Then we shake it up step by step.


Based on our structured digital strategy we develop your BEE.GAMEPLAN which pushes your positioning, visibility and attention online and offline, and opens up new potential.


Absolutely crucial for success: A clear brand positioning is the basis for effective and efficient inbound marketing. We work with you to develop all the necessary parameters for your positioning or repositioning - strategically, quickly and cost-effectively!


Design, function, dynamics, inbound readiness: we develop your website into a world of experience that fascinates, inspires and activates your prospective customers to act. Your online presence is not a business card, but a living space in which you interact with customers and increase your sales.


In a multi-stage process, we make your website SEO-fit. First, we examine your organic visibility in an SEO audit. This is followed by a potential analysis that shows how better visibility can be achieved. Finally, the measures to exploit your SEO potential are defined and implemented. Here, too, we define KPIs and measure SEO success.


We design cross-media campaigns for marketing, sales and recruiting - tailored to your objectives, which we define beforehand. KPIs, goals and dashboards are an integral part of this process in order to make the success of the campaign measurable. We use the insights of each campaign on the market and the behavior of the target persons for ongoing optimisation.


AdWords & Co. can bring a lot and cost a lot. For your ads to be efficient, they must be carefully designed and continuously monitored. To achieve this, we offer a complete set of services and take on all the tasks associated with the conception, implementation, success control, and ongoing support and optimisation of your ad campaigns.


We support companies that are already using HubSpot and want to use our HubSpot experience to harness the full potential of the all-in-one software solution. We rely on the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge, and train real inbound scenarios and activities with your team - so that you can implement the knowledge immediately.


For the services described above, we also offer classroom training. BEE acts as a coach while the participants develop their brand positioning and digital strategy. You will learn how to analyse digital potential, build your website, and conduct campaigns. The BEE.Academy is the alternative to the BEE.Services directly used. You will become your own marketing agency. Inspired to Grow Together.