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Lanny Heiz

Consultant | Head of Sales

From the big banks to start-ups - Lanny is already immersed in many areas of the corporate world. The constant? His passion for customer orientation and problem solving. As a typical millennial, he is at home in social media and appears on Instagram as an influencer for brands such as Samsung and Gilette.

Lanny's mission: To show companies how to get back in touch with their customers, how to position themselves as desirable "lovable brands" and how to build real relationships. After all, customers and prospects should not only generate sales, but also become brand ambassadors. All in the spirit of Inbound Marketing.

Competencies & Expertise

  • Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Growth Hacking
  • Creation & optimisation of digital sales processes & funnel building
  • Conception, implementation & optimisation of business strategies
  • Lean Product Design
  • Social Media Strategy & Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing

In BEE Inbound I have found a company that supports me in my personality development and gives me a framework for individual achievement. Embedded in a great team in which I can make my contribution as part of the bigger picture. At BEE, personal freedom and teamwork form a unity. I think this is the ideal basis for best results in every respect.

Lanny Heiz - Consultant | Head of Sales

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The experts at BEE INBOUND have completed top-class teachings and training courses on all aspects of Inbound Marketing. We consolidate theoretical and practical knowledge in each project according to requirements - for your success.

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