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Ben Klein


Ben is a natural-born entrepreneur who discovered the digitalisation of marketing & sales as a strategy for success early on, and then consistently pursued it - in more than 200 projects such as repositioning, marketing & sales campaigns, software development and websites.

His claim: The development and implementation of digital marketing & sales - efficient, measurable and 100% performance-oriented. With the inbound method and an inbound mindset.

Because that corresponds to his will to move and change something and always to think with a fresh perspective. As the founder of several companies, he also founded BEE INBOUND and developed it into one of the leading inbound agencies in Switzerland.

Competencies & Expertise

  • Digital Branding Concepts
  • Brand Positioning & Brand Identity
  • Digitisation of Marketing & Sales
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment
  • Growth Hacking Concepts & Strategies
  • Performance Focused Marketing & Sales Campaigns
  • Building Inbound Organisations
  • Efficiency in team collaboration

BEE Inbound is a microcosm in which people enjoy moving around, working together with commitment, developing themselves personally - and helping to shape forward-looking services. From this microcosm we want to inspire others to differentiate themselves through an authentic inbound culture. So that the whole world becomes more inbound!

Ben Klein - CEO

Competence with letter and seal

The experts at BEE INBOUND have completed top-class teachings and training courses on all aspects of Inbound Marketing. We consolidate theoretical and practical knowledge in each project according to requirements - for your success.

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