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Digital Branding

Make your company a strong brand with character - unique and recognisable.

Why is strong branding crucial to your success?

A brand makes a promise. Customers who can rely on the brand promise being kept remain loyal to the provider in the long term. This reduces marketing expenses - and saves time and money. Building a strong brand through clear brand positioning is the smartest way to success. A brand offers the user:

Safety & Orientation

The quality and continuity of a brand offer the consumer security in the purchase decision and provide orientation in a consumer world characterised by a flood of information. The real power of the brand lies in its established self-evidence.

Experience & Membership

Brands take over important psychological functions. They reflect the spirit of the times, convey experience, trigger emotions and enable group membership. A symbol for something special that people like to belong to.

Transparency & Values

Without brands our life would be more complicated and monotonous. Especially in uncertain times, the values brands stand for are more in demand than ever.

For whom is digital branding suitable?

If you can identify with one of the following tasks and challenges, BEE Digital Branding is a good fit for you



Outdated website

New customers & employees

How do you create successful digital branding?

When building a strong brand, different disciplines have to interlock. We use these skills for branding, brand positioning and a differentiating visual and verbal image:

The 12 influencing factors of brand positioning

Building a clear and successful brand positioning requires the consideration of different parameters. Which of the following parameters are relevant for you depends on the business purpose, the orientation as well as the corporate goals. Together we will determine the factors that are important for your company and then work them out:

Market & Competition

In which world does your brand move?

Analysis of market size and market dynamics, number of competitors, range of services, key trends and potential risks.

Umbrella brand architecture

How do your brands fit together to form a coherent umbrella brand architecture?

Creation of an overview with clear differentiation in the form of a template for your presentations.

Strategic Business Fields

What business units is your company divided into?

Segmentation into units that are as autonomous and independent of each other as possible, so that they can be managed in strategic isolation from each other.


Compilation of the strengths & weaknesses, opportunities & threats of your brand.

SWOT analysis for your company, positioning & corporate strategy, creation of an overview in a template for your presentations.

Core competencies & benefits

What services distinguish your company?

Clear definition of your main competences and identification of the services that make you interesting for your target customers.

Tagline / Claim

Your unique selling point in one short sentence!

Clear definition of your unique selling point and formulation in a single sentence that picks up all buyer personas.

Brand Vision

What reality do you want to achieve through the work of the organisation?

Definition of a vision statement that states what is to be achieved through the organisation's future development. The vision has an internal orientation.

Brand Mission

Mission Statement: Who are you and what do you do?

Development of a memorable description of the purpose: Why does your organisation exist (WHY)? How do you make the brand vision become reality (HOW)? What does the customer get out of it? The mission has an external function.

Target groups & target persons

Who are your customers and what are their "pains & gains"?

Analysis and development of a clear segmentation, exact definition of the target groups and target persons of your brand.

Positioning Matrix

How does your brand position versus your competitors?

Determining the course of your brand - today and in the future. Illustration in a matrix that shows the positioning of your brand in its dimensions vis-à-vis your competitors.

Brand values

What do your customers associate with your brand?

Definition of the brand values, characteristics and ideas that create a unique and distinctive brand identity.

USP & user promise

Your USP and more: What makes your brand unique for your customers?

Development of the subjective and objective benefits that your customers experience through your brand, your products, your goods and services.

What does digital branding cost?

That depends on which of the 12 parameters are relevant for your company and how complex their elaboration is. In the first consultation we clarify these key data and then prepare a cost estimate directly afterwards.


Suitable for:
Solopreneurs, small SMEs or start-ups, low budget, but internal resources available for implementation.

Conditions: Done by you
We provide you with all the knowledge you need to develop your positioning. In work sessions with a limited number of participants, we coach you in the implementation and give you valuable tips & tricks.

from 5.000 CHF/EUR



Suitable for:
Medium-sized SMEs or scale-ups, limited budget, sufficient internal resources for the supply and partial development of digital branding.

Conditions: Done with you
You have up to 3 business areas and are active in one language region. First and foremost, we want to identify your digital potential in order to design your digital brand and sales strategy. In several work sessions we will develop your unique positioning.

from 15.000 CHF/EUR



Suitable for:
Medium to large SMEs or start-ups, budget with cost ceiling, no internal resources available for the partial development of your digital branding.

Conditions: Done by you
You have several business areas and operate in several language regions. First and foremost, we want to identify your digital potential in order to design your digital brand strategy. In several work sessions we will develop your unique positioning and visual identity.

On request


In place for growth!

Differentiating and authentic: How your digital branding is created
Step 1: Assesment & Scoping

Step 1: Assesment & Scoping

We get to know your company, your market, your goals. In a work session at the BEE.Hive we will determine what is to be developed for your digital strategy, what is already available, what resources you can contribute. Afterwards you will receive an offer.

Step 2: Roadmap & Offers

Step 2: Kick-off & Roadmap

We define your expectations, goals, responsibilities and timelines in a kick-off worksession and record them in a roadmap. The goal is always in sight: bringing brand and people together.

Step 3: Analyse

Step 3: Analysis & Potential

The analysis of your brand and the marketing strategy of your competitors shows the "inbound readiness" of your digital appearance and how your competitors act. Market size, market dynamics, performance, key trends and risks all play a role. We analyse your brand, market environment, competitors, findability, relevance and authority - and track down your full potential.


Step 4: Work sessions

In one or two work sessions with your entire management team, we will guide you to your unique positioning. We interview each participant beforehand and provide all the information needed to prepare for the sessions. You leave the work sessions with a concrete result: Your authentic and differentiating positioning.

Step 5: Konzeption visuelles Erscheinungsbild

Step 5: Conception of visual appearance

Your sharpened positioning is the starting signal for our creative work. We develop your verbal identity and your visual identity. First of all, we formulate a creative guiding idea and then create the appropriate key visuals and claims - tailored to your new positioning.

Step 6: Produktion & Implementierung

Step 6: Implementation

We translate the concept into real digital brand experiences: Your new or redesigned website is created, your digital marketing and sales strategy is developed, your kick-off lead campaign is launched. We document every further step for success control using KPIs to achieve the ambitious goals. Because digital branding is a means to an end - and that means GROWTH.

How we work

Your website is a window to the inside of your company. You use it to create an impression - or to drown in the mass of uniformity. In over 50 websites we have redesigned, we give priority to authentic and differentiating branding. Here are a few impressions of what we have achieved for our customers:
asendia website

BEE INBOUND's approach was very structured and well organised. We received very good templates and therefore had an excellent basis for the text. We were supported by the employees who had a lot of professional competence and creativity. We experienced the cooperation as professional, transparent and constructive. The final result exceeded our expectations, especially with regard to the modernity of the design and the dynamics incorporated by the team.

Roberto Pertoldi

Roberto Pertoldi


Ben Klein and his team were well prepared, very structured and had a detailed look at our market and our company. In the workshops we used modern tools, picked up the individual participants and clearly presented our own points of view. The cooperation was extremely collegial, open and efficient. My workload was essentially limited to the workshops and a few meetings between the workshops. Ben Klein knows what he is talking about, he is not a PowerPoint consultant. The developed gameplan became a central instrument of our marketing, thank you Ben!

Jürg Achermann

Jürg Achermann

CEO bei FROX communication

The experience with BEE-Inbound over the last two years has been very inspiring. The team is not only providing great support and consultancy, it also further develops their services constantly to be up to date with latest trends.

Patrick Widler

Patrick Widler

bei Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG

We were looking for a hubspot agency with a hands-on mentality and definetly found it with BEE. Martin is very experienced and helped us set up everything in a record-time. Will will continue to work with them for the future development and are looking forward to!

Giles Magnin

Giles Magnin

bei esurance.ch

BEE Inbound not only helped us to strengthen our online presence exceptionally and consequently drive sales but also supported us in many marketing related questions as a very reliable and innovative sparring partner. I can highly recommend Ben Klein and his team!

Michael Eggimann

Michael Eggimann

CEO bei Ortho-Walker AG

Do you want a fast, efficient and winning digital partner? Go to Bee and enable your Brand to stand-up in the cluttered social media environment

Andrea Pigatti

Andrea Pigatti

Brand Manager bei Häagen-Dazs

We wanted to set up our HubSpot application professionally in order to make maximize the utility of our CRM. BEE offered us exactly the services necessary to achieve this goal quickly and effectively in a lean fashion. BEE is a sympathetic sparring partner at eye level, who focuses on the essentials from conception to implementation. If you are really determined to scale your Marketing & Sales with HubSpot, BEE is the right partner for you.

Ralph Hartmeier

Ralph Hartmeier

Co-Founder & Growth bei GETKICKBOX powered by Swisscom

After scaling up our acquisition efforts our sales teams were faced with a lot of inbound leads but were missing a focus and clear prioritisation to work efficiently. With the help and direction from BEE we successfully implemented a data driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.

Joël L. Capt

Joël L. Capt

Head of Growth bei Beekeeper.io

I work a lot with innovative startups and unfortunately, the European state of marketing & sales is often behind the most innovative players in the market. With BEE Inbound it's different in many ways. These guys know the newest possibilities to generate more qualified leads and increase the efficiency of the marketing funnel. They do that not only by leveraging their vast knowledge and the newest tools but also by aligning marketing and sales together and drive decision making based on data in an agile fashion. For scale-ups but also for enterprise level companies, BEE Inbound is my digital marketing partner of choice if it comes to Hubspot automation and innovative marketing tactics.

Manuel Hartmann

Manuel Hartmann

Founder & CEO bei SalesPlaybook

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Cool web design, surprising features, fully responsive and in addition "inbound ready": Webdesign is not only for the eye, it has to work! A smart inbound ready website brings you more traffic, more leads and more applicants.


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