We integrate INBOUND MARKETING and INBOUND SALES within your company and establish a completely new way of thinking and acting. Find out how we can help  you to be the most trusted partner in your industry, enabling you to grow faster in ways that are both measurable, and sustainable.

We solve your marketing & sales problems with these services!

Our B2B and B2C agency services are designed to meet your real growth challenges in the digital world.

Are we a good fit?

The buyers have changed. As a result, digitisation has gained enormous importance for sales and marketing. 

Companies today have to act completely different in order to continuously achieve measurable results with marketing and sales.

If you, as a company, share these 5 basic convictions with us, we are the ideal agency partner:

Purchasing behaviour has changed significantly

People act completely different Consumers differ today in their search and purchasing decisions. Digital Sales & Marketing have a significant influence on your company's success with the new demands.

Everyone must be involved in marketing

Not only marketing and sales employees, but all people within your company - including the project teams and the management level - should be part of  marketing strategy and activities for success.

Your company should strive for a top position

A leading market position today must be based above all on customer confidence. Marketing & Sales must do everything to make your company the most trusted partner in your industry.

The use of internal resources is mandatory

Instead of simply outsourcing all activities,, your internal teams need to work alongside outside experts to achieve the best results. Collaboration is the only way to build internal knowledge and ensure knowledge transfer. 

The willingness to invest in growth tools must be a given

Only with the right solutions for Marketing & Sales  can you plan and measure your activities correctly and control your entire Marketing & Sales pipeline efficiently.

What does it take to grow sustainably?

An interlocking of these 4 central truths with clear alignment to your corporate goals.


There are a thousand ways to the honey pot. Which one is right?

The relationship of branding and brands is more complex than bees and flowers: What is the right positioning for your brand? And how can it be translated into precisely tailored digital communication? We make the successful methods of digital branding also applicable for small and medium-sized companies, based on a differentiated alignment of your image, values, and unique selling point.


Good marketing doesn't have to be expensive. But it must be effective.

What do you find more promising: to get on the nerves of the target group until they (hopefully) cave in? Or to address their interests and challenges and offer them suggestions for solutions? That's how we see it. We develop a detailed digital strategy as the basis for a tailor-made Inbound Marketing concept so that you can use your budget most effectively.


Don't sell it. It’s better to help!

Nobody likes to be pushed when making a purchasing decision. Therefore, it’s important for Inbound Sales to advise customers at the right time - depending on their personal needs. This requires the right touchpoints, tailored to the individual customer's journey. In cooperation with Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales focuses on the continuous generation of leads and the automation of sales processes.


When do employees get engaged?

Why should employees stay if the “honey” can also be found elsewhere? Inbound Recruiting ensures the corporate culture is carried to the outside world via your employees. That’s because it’s crucial for the values to not only be on paper, but they must be authentic and lived. When this is achieved, you more readily attract great employees, who then  come on their own. They then attract others, and the Inbound Culture pays off.

Speak with us

You are turning to us. That’s great. But don't worry, even though we like to talk about us and our inbound services, we won't flood you with calls and e-mails. Instead, speak to our Inbound Marketing Specialist about your goals and your unique needs. We only start the process if you think that we could be a good fit for you - and then it's your decision.



Inbound Specialist | Head of Learning

Everything in with him! Because Lanny is extremely enthusiastic and the lived contrast: He likes reading and gym. Techno and classical music. The psychology of oneself and social dynamics. Seemingly separate worlds merge into a single cosmos of being. Good way!

What is really important to us at BEE?

Performance focused

We always make decisions on the basis of KPIs, and in such a way that the defined corporate goals can also be achieved. Every single action must be measurable, every result must be analyzed. This premise enables us to continuously draw profitable learning results.

Full service

Maximizing growth requires a deep understanding of all channels, measures and their interactions. As an independent agency, we focus on your strategy and determine all the steps necessary to achieve your goals freely and flexibly. You only need to coordinate with a single marketing agency - we manage all the partners involved.

Delight & Inspire

We do everything we can to inspire and surprise you with outstanding results - and we see ourselves not only as a marketing agency, but also as a source of inspiration for personal and entrepreneurial growth. Whether BEE.Academy, Inbound-Breakfast or HUG (HubSpot User Group) – we share our knowledge so that you can create your powerful inbound world.